Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned gymnast or free style champion, you will love our wall-to-wall trampolines to jump, bounce and flip for hours of fun! Our Open Court has side-by-side trampolines – a huge space that allows everyone to jump around.

So Many Options!
You’ll find vertical trampolines, a trampoline dodgeball area and individual trampolines in the Main Court. Plus, trampoline lanes for you to practice and perfect your tumbling skills.


Any child under 46 inches is a Little Jumper. We go by height, not age, for safety reasons. To ensure safety of the kids, no one taller than 46 inches is allowed in the Little Jumper area.

Kids under 46 inches are allowed in the Little Jumper area and on individual obstacles including the slack line, fidget ladder, foam pits and ninja triangles. The only spaces Little Jumpers are not allowed are open air, dodgeball, and the ninja run.

During Toddler Time, jumpers under 46 inches are allowed to access all of the park’s amenities.

Kiddie Court

Helium has a special section of the trampoline park for our jumpers under 46 inches tall. Helium is an entertainment destination for your whole family, so we also offer a safe place for little ones to discover the fun of bouncing on a trampoline. Our Kiddie Court gives your little-ones a place to safely jump, play, laugh and work off some of their boundless energy.


Dodge if you dare and try not to get eliminated!

Be the last one standing!

Who will be the dodgeball King or Queen? You’ve never experienced a dodgeball game until you’ve experienced Dodgeball at Helium! Not only does the dodgeball fly, but so will you and your teammates as you jump and swerve to avoid the ball or to tag players on the other team. Dodgeball is exciting and high-flying giving you and your friends or family an all new way to enjoy spending time together.

Extreme Slam

Dunk like a pro with Helium Slam trampoline basketball courts that will bounce you 10 feet in the air. Work your swag in front of all your family and friends.

Foam Pit

Perform your wildest tricks and impress your friends before landing into a giant soft foam pit.
Our foam pits are the closest you’ll ever be able to get to playing in the clouds.

Ninja Course

Have you ever watched someone fly through a ninja course on TV or watched a parkour video online and dreamed of doing it yourself? We’ve got the perfect place for you to train, whether you’re a pro or just a beginner. The course lets you face off against your friends while you battle to be the last Warrior standing.


Have you ever dreamed of running away with the Circus? Our Slack Line is a safe way to test your skills before you commit to a life in the Big Top! The slackline is the ultimate tightrope walking test of balance. Beginners like to slide their feet to get from one end to the other, while the more experienced slackliners like to throw some tricks in there, too! Pro Tips: The trick is to put most of your weight on your front foot, take a deep breath, relax, look forward, and slide your foot out there. Don’t look down! Look forward and find a spot in front of you, perhaps the wall in front of you, or the other end of the slackline.

Fidget Ladder

Try your best to make it to the top of the fidget ladder! There’s more than one way to reach it, so find the way that works for you! It likes to tilt, so be careful when it throws you into the pile of foam! It tends to be harder than it looks! Don’t stop just because you roll upside down, hang on and keep going!

Jump Mania – Teen Night

Friday Night just got more awesome with Helium Teen Night. 9 to midnight.
Grab your friends and rock the courts all night for one low price. Mania is 3 hours of amazing, active fun for kids ages 12 and up . Each jumper gets two slices of pizza, a drink and an awesome experience for one low price. Get happy, get jumping! Dodgeball, Obstacle Course, the Foam Zone and more are all there to get you flying, spinning and flipping out. This isn’t your typical night out, so get ready for an Night !

Activities include: Dance Offs, Rap Battles, and Cash Giveaways!

Trampoline Safety Jump socks are required for all jumpers, they can be purchased at the park for $2.99 and may be reused.

Toddler Time

Bring Your Little Ones To Jump! (5 yrs and under)
All toddlers must wear Jump Socks
A Jump liability waiver must be signed by each parent or legal guardian.

We are still open to the general public during Toddler Time but make every effort to protect our toddlers by keeping older jumpers out of their special area (This promotion does not apply during school holidays)

Monday & Tuesday
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Excluding Holidays
$8.99 Mommy or Daddy and Me

Lock-In Party

$1999.00 for the first 100 kids
4 Hours

  •  Private Lockins $19.99 Per Guest (Minimum of 100) – Great for team building, camaraderie
  • Monday – Thursday 11 PM to to 3 AM
  • Fridays & Saturdays 12 AM – 4 AM
  • Sundays 11 PM – 3 AM

For all lock-ins, by entering the park, you agree that in addition to the rules of Jump Adventure Park, the following rules also are in effect:

  • Anyone attending the lock-in must have a waiver signed in order to purchase tickets. There are no exceptions. Click here to download the waiver to sign.
  • Once you are dropped off, you cannot leave the park unless a parent/ guardian comes to pick you up.
  • If you choose to sleep, no blankets can be shared.
  • One pizza meal & drink will be provided.
  • No outside drinks are allowed! No exceptions!!
  • To provide a safe lock-in environment, no backpacks allowed. Any form of paraphernalia including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, weapons etc. is not allowed in the park. Any person found to be in possession of the following will be removed from the park with no refund!
  • The park will have plenty of court monitors on duty. Failure to follow instructions of any court monitor or staff member may result in injury to you or others and may also lead to your removal from the park with no refund!